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When so many people need so much help, giving can sometimes feel hit and miss, and choosing between charities can be hard. Acts 435 puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.

Acts 435 seeks to resource churches as they show God’s love in action by loving their neighbours and caring for the vulnerable. We believe that local churches provide the best model for partnering because they share our ethos, are on the ground in a local community and know who is in genuine need whilst able to connect with potential new donors through their congregations. However, we do not limit our partners to churches in recognition of the great work local charities do which enables us to reach more people who we can help.

Acts 435 runs through a network of churches and charities that are recruited directly and through key partners like Christians Against Poverty and Trussell Trust. They appoint an Acts 435 representative, called the Advocate, who is trained by Acts 435 and then posts requests directly onto our website for people in their community who are in need.

Enniskillen Presbyterian Church

Jonathan Hayward is the local Advocate, in Fermanagh, and is available to access and review applications, before the request is placed on the ACTS435 website.

 Enniskillen Foodbank

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a food parcel from the foodbank, you can get advice and help, please ask.


Christians Against Poverty – CAP (NI) West

We align our efforts with Christians Against Poverty, as we find there is often overlapping issues. Jonathan, our Advocate is best placed to advise on the best course of action – https://capuk.org/

Meet our ACTS435 Advocate

My name is Jonathan Hayward, I am a retired GP and I live in Fermanagh.

My wife Barbara and I are very involved in Church life, with Enniskillen Presbyterian Church, between ACTS435 and Christians Against Poverty.

We serve Jesus Christ, in our community, and want to share His love, serving in our local community.

If you feel you need to make an application, please contact me on (contact details here) 





".... the stark reality is that we now need to make the choice between heating and eating...."


– anonymous client, Enniskillen

Clients comments

Sinead (name changed)


“I contacted ACTS435, as I needed a replacement washing machine, I was so pleased when I got a new one, thank you very much”

Trevor (name changed)


“we desperately needed heating oil, to keep the kids warm, thankyou to the generous people who helped”

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