Congregational Bible Reading Scheme –

Week 5 – from 17 January 2021

These readings are linked to the passage in John 4, on which the Sunday sermon was based, click on the images to see the Service.


It is important to begin with prayer.

Prayer – Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things out of your law. Psalm 119:18


SERMON PASSAGE – John 4:4-42 

1Corinthians 11:17-34

Following on from the communion service, here is the  main NT  passage that deals with taking communion – what do you learn?

Isaiah 6

Isaiah  is commissioned  to preach even though no-one is going to listen – God’s Word will harden the hearts of those who hear because they do not want to hear.

2 Kings 5:1-15

The little  Israelite girl bears witness to Naaman that God can heal him. His pride is humbled as he finds deliverance by trusting in God’s Word spoken by Elisha.

Acts 8:26-40

An Ethiopian official travelling in the desert is reading the book of Isaiah and seeking the truth – Philip is led to him, points him to Christ and he believes

Romans 10:1-15

If anyone is to hear,  believe and be saved, someone must be sent to bring them the message


  1. Commitment –  v34 – God’s mission was his focus and priority at all times. He took this opportunity

  2. Connection – Jesus was always building bridges with people of all backgrounds all the time

  3. Concern  – Jesus conveyed to people real love – compassion, care, understanding and respect.

  4. Conversation – Jesus held a  dialogue with people – all his conversations were different.

  5. Communication –  he used concepts and language that  were intriguing, fresh, creative

  6. Confidence –  it’s good news – living water was what this woman and us all  really need

  7. Contribution – sowers and reapers – don’t try to say everything every time – play your part

  8. Courage – there is a cost, a price – rejection, failure, hostility but also a great reward – part of faith

How we suggest you approach this.

You may approach the reading of these passages in whatever way is best for you. Here are a few thoughts from your Elders given only as help and guidelines.

Questions to use as you read.

  1. What truths about God and what He has done stand out for you from this passage?
  2. What in this passage helped you understand more of Jesus – who he is, his message and his mission?
  3. Deeper reflection – can you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to make a definite personal response to a truth from  this passage? e.g. something  to thank and praise God for.
  4. Is there something here that you could share with someone else,  or use in praying for some person or  situation you are concerned about? 

Don’t feel compelled to do every reading

Do not feel you must use all 5 readings; do not feel guilty if you cannot complete all each day; some portions are longer than others.

Follow where the Holy Spirit leads. Meeting God is the goal.

Why not keep a notebook?

Consider pondering the questions in your mind during the day , taking them with you as you go.

If you set out on this journey you may want to keep a notebook to record those things which the Lord shows you.

The Eldership are prayerfully supporting you.

The elders are praying in unity of spirit that God will speak to you as you take time to read  God’s Word and that the Holy Spirit will use this initiative to powerfully build up  our congregation.


We would like small cell groups to form to share together– more about that in the new year!